Sunday, May 16, 2010

Namaste Nepal

A new Indian/Nepalese restaurant opened this week, in the location where a Mexican restaurant closed recently. They sent out discount coupons and we decided to check it out.

Since it's a brand new restaurant which hasn't established a clientele yet, they cook everything to order and told us it would be 15 minutes before our order was up. But they gave us this "Vegetable Mo-Mo" for an appetizer. They were steamed vegetable dumplings that tasted like they had some pickling spices in them. They were served with two different chutneys.

I ordered Lamb Coconut Tarkari, which is a coconut based lamb curry and is the lighter colored of the two dishes over the rice. Walt ordered Lamb Mushroom Tarkari, which is boneless lamb and mushrooms cooked with herbs and spices, according to the menu. Both were delicious.

And, of course, on the left of the plate is a garlic-basil naan bread, my favorite!

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