Sunday, June 20, 2010

Airplane Food

When we got settled into the hotel in Helsinki, we went off looking for food and ended up back at the hotel. where I had a Vegetarian Bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella and truffle oil that was amazing.

We thought there were going to be no meals served for lunch on Finnair so we bought these snacks...and then when we'd finished them, they gave us HUGE sandwiches (I ended up throwing mine away)

They served us a turkey and cheese wrap along with juice and yogurt for breakfast on British Air.
For dessert we had mango/passionfruit cheesecake that was delicious. I could have eaten another one easily!
I had no way to get my camera out to take a picture of my dinner on the Brit Air plane to London, but it was a fantastic vegetarian lasagna.

This was a pannini that we had at the San Francisco airport while waiting for our plane. It was delicious!

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